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How to Recover/ restore gear durability ? mine almost reach 10% bcs of daily raid. or it cant be back to 100% and lose it ?.

Lost Ark Brelshaza 1490+ Gear (Upper Relic & Ancient Gear) Transfer & Honing Guide When the item level reaches 1490 points, you can challenge Brelshaza, Commander of.

Here's how the Gear Honing system works in Lost Ark. Lost Ark Gear Honing System Explained Gear Honing is basically the game's version of upgrading and improving your weapons and armor.

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Harsh Oath and Preordained Diligence are both legendary gear set to obtain in Lost Ark tier 3. Once you hit the 1370 item level, you are able to start doing Argos phase 1 and earn the material Argo's Blood for crafting these two gear sets. You can also sell your extra materials for Lost Ark gold to buy other items. Each set has 6 pieces of.

What I'm doing at Tier 3 with my main and alts + Tier 3 gear progression for now in Lost Ark NA/EU!SMASH THE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!JOIN THE YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP S.

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